“You can't buy a good reputation; you must earn it.”

This protocol creates a new standard to enable interoperability, better organize blockchain information, and facilitate a blockchain community that builds trust and accountability.


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Pain Points

Fragmented Blockchain Data

There are many existing sources of blockchain information and blockchain networks. Often, their data gets siloed and remain scattered, and we need a way to organize the data better for utility.

Poor Usability

Lack of an internet browser equivalent to make blockchain information more accessible and user-friendly; to have better infrastructure or framework with multi-platform availability.

Absence of Governance

Proper governance consensus or policing is important for building trust and order within the community of users.


Authority Score

a measure of reputation; the more transactions a wallet receives, the higher their authority score

Wallet Validator

users with above a certain authority score criteria qualify as validator, and can initiate certain actions

Governance Model

enabled by NTO smart contracts; consensus governance of milestones & events with quorum requirements


a cross-blockchain explorer; interface for users to access blockchain information and NTO protocol applications


Blockchain Explorer

Use Cases

For Blockchain Users

General User

  • Gain confidence when transacting on the blockchain with NTO-scored parties

  • Call out on bad actors or fraudulent activities

  • Vote for projects you like or events that are happening


  • Use rating system to assess projects on the blockchain

  • Invest in projects with a safety net via milestone disbursement and governance; less trust needed

  • Build credibility within the blockchain ecosystem

Project Owner

  • Use NTO and NVTs to do token generation event, capitalise on the network’s partners/apps

  • Customisable templates for token issuance and milestone governance

  • Monitor market competitors or exchanges for listing purposes

  • Screen user-investors on the network

  • Build credibility within the blockchain ecosystem

Third Party App

  • Develop third party apps working on top of NTO protocol to suit a range of needs

  • Create new cross-blockchain features and platforms

Crypto Exchange

  • Screen user-investors on the network

  • More easily identify incoming funds from suspicious or blacklisted/known sources via NTO validators on data analysis provider built on top of NTO protocol



Third Party Application

Concordia Ventures for Crowdfunding

"Where blockchain project owners and crypto enthusiasts come together to materialize innovative projects of the future. Explore verified ICO projects across industries and support them instantly with a secure one-time KYC feature.”, Jonas Larsson, Concordia Product Manager

All you need to know about

The Novum Group


Raised for 17 ICO Projects
Since 2017

58 Projects

Consulted and Led

4.6+ Ratings

On Average across projects LED (Icobench)


Ico success score

The Novum Edge

Our Team

Chris Low

Executive Chairman and Group CEO

Irwin Chee

Group COO

Coco Ong

Group CMO

Tien Lai Trung

Technical Director

Patrick Tan

Group General Counsel

Jonas Larsson

Project Director

Kimberley Chang

NTO Project Director

Ng Chermaine

Deputy Managing Editor

Praveen Varayalil

Technical Director

Viet Nguyen

Senior Developer

Hien Nguyen

Senior Designer

Irene Nguyen

Investment Analyst


Aravind Vasudevan

Customer Experience Executive

Nares Laopannarai

Country Manager, Thailand

Varut Vanichayakosol

Managing Editor


Mr Chan Heng Fai

Business Advisor

Ms Marian Ho

Legal Advisor

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Chris Low


Irwin Chee


Coco Ong


Jonas Larsson

Operations Director

Kimberley Chang

Project Director

Ng Chermaine

Marketing Executive

Tien Lai Trung


Praveen Varayalil

Technical Director

Viet Nguyen

Senior Software Engineer

Hien Nguyen

Art Director

Irene Nguyen

Investment Analyst

Aravind Vasudevan

Customer Experience Executive

Patrick Tan

CEO of Novum Hedge Fund and Novum Group General Counsel

Tony Chew

Head of Quantitative Trading

Nares Laopannarai

Managing Editor for Novum Media and Country Manager, Thailand

Varut Vanichayakosol

Managing Editor

Chan Heng Fai

Business Advisor

Marion Ho

Senior Partner

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